Current Status of Development

Our objective is to optimize the tried and tested nivtec staging system.
What has been achieved so far?

1. Flexibility in material - also for heights exceeding 80 cm alu legs can be used as alternative to steel legs. You’ve got the choice ...

Development 01 steel for tough situations
Development 02 alu for an elegant apprearance


2. Improvement of plastic parts

breakproof leg corks and base plates


3. Replacement of legs in special sizes by legs in standard sizes for height adjustment with Layher spindles

4. Extended field of use for standard legs due to removable leg cork

Development 03

The result tells its own tale:
New base construction nivtec-Alu for stage heights up to 180 cm – a combination of:

Layher spindles
Layher base collars
Layher clampable rosettes
Development 04
Layher alu diagonal braces for nivtec bay heights
nivtec alu legs, in standard sizes with removable leg cork


The Proof

stage height 180 cm

Assembly of stage 6 x 4 m with alu legs 140 cm, Layher spindles 80 und base collars, Layher alu diagonal braces, bay height 1,275 m, and Layher alu horizontal braces

assembly crew: 4 people / assembly time: not even 20 min

Development 05
Development 06

standard stairway with 4 steps + extension with stringers for 4 steps

Development 07

demo stage with stairway parallel to stage, with stairway rails and stage rails

Development 08

for more information see Download