Base Construction

BAse Constructions for stages

Standing tall and stable


48,3 mm diameter with load ring - easy to grab, fast to handle


whether steel or alu - our legs ensure a firm stand of your nivtec stage

height up to 2 m

in 20 cm steps as standard or custom fit acc. to customers' wishes

nivtec 2.1 Fester Fuss

Leg with load distributor - the fix one

For even locations like exhibitions halls, concert venues or other indoor stages

nivtec 2.2 Nivellier-Fuss

Levelling leg - the adjustable one

the adjustable spindle of +/- 3 cm provides  good balance on slightly uneven surfaces

nivtec 2.3 Teleskopfuss

Telescopic leg - The telescopic adjustable one

today a stage on 60 cm, tomorrow on 80 cm and next week on 100 cm – the telescopic leg is the right companion for you

nivtec 2.4 + Layher Kombi

Combination Layher + nivtec - the best of both worlds

stepless height adjustment


nivtec 2.5 Transportrolle D16 cm mit Adapter

Rolling riser - the moveable one

Rolling stages? Ask your drummer!

heights: 40, 60, 80 cm 

nivtec 2.7 Layher Stahl Unterkonstruktion bis 2m

Weight girder - the outdoor specialist

Big outdoor stages are best set up on nivtec weight girders in combination with Layher Metric Allround Scaffold System

Telescopic Leg -
Indoor Allrounder

for those who work on different heights

nivtec 2.3 Teleskopfuss
nivtec 2.7 Layher Stahl Unterkonstruktion bis 2m

Weight Girder -
Outdoor Allrounder

prepared in the best possible way for outside use

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Base Constructions for stages, studios, speaker events or catwalks – nivtec offers a flexible system for your event. Get in contact with us!