Accessories for stages and galleries

Stage accessories with 100% quality standard

function laths

for extended flexibility

Textile lining

for an elegant appearance

many additional functions

the plus in technique

nivtec 5.1 Funktionsleisten

function laths

made of aluminium in standard sizes 100, 150 and 200 cm, other sizes upon request

are directly hooked into the groove side of the platform. Use of lining laths keeps the platform frame clean and maintains an impeccable appearance.

serve as a combination of lining lath and chair blocking device. They secure the stage both towards the rear and laterally, and at the same time allow for the installation of textile lining.

serve as reversible profiles. They are hooked onto the tongue profile and locked. Thus the tongue side of a platform is quickly converted into a groove side. Lining laths and bumber boards can easily be attached.

used on galleries prevent the sliding off of chairs over the rear edge of the platform and the dropping of loose parts.


Chair blocking devices are equipped with two openings and can be screwed directly into the substructure by means of the included screws and washers. Where no leg exists, it is necessary to apply an adapter D: 48,3 mm.

nivtec 5.2.2 Klettband

textile lining

for an elegant appearance

permanently flame retardant in accordance with DIN 4102 B1, tailored ready for use, fold free finish with course coated ribbon at the top, are available by the meter in black. The lengths of the cloth correspond to the standard stage heights.

Two versions are available:

Art-Nr. 502 – TREND (350 g/sqm)

Art-Nr. 504 – Stage Molton (300 g/sqm)

velcro tape “Pressogripp-Haft”,

self-adhesive, 20 mm wide, colour black selbstklebend 20mm breit

per metre as: Art-Nr. 505 01 0


as a 25 metre coil: Art-Nr. 505 25 0

nivtec 5.3.3 4er Sitztraeger


more options due to a surplus in technics

consisting of a steel frame made of square and round tubes with a diameter of 48.3 mm and a wall thickness of 4 mm for quick installation of seating options for seats on galleries with a tier height of 20 cm.

They are equipped with FIFA compliant moulded plastic seats with a high backrest

made of steel, galvanised

helps when platforms are dismantled by a single person or in case of low stage heights

including 10 m cable, needed to ground stage or gallery constructions

Installing textile lining

the fast way of adding finishing touches to the stage

nivtec 5.2.1 Textilverblendung Anwendung
nivtec 5.3.3 4er Sitztraeger

Mounting seat girders

Install FIFA approved seats in just a few steps