The System

The first choice for stages and galleries

modular plug-in system
fast & easy assembly
no tools required
very low weight

1 system - 10 benefits

nivtec Podeste 4221 System

Reduction of legs by about 60 % 

Assembly with reduced quantity of legs according to the nivtec principle 4-2-2-1 due to innovative technical features.  

Example: Stage 12 x 8 m – only 63 instead 192 legs required


Easy hook-on of platforms according to our groove and tongue principle without additional connecting elements

Legs are mounted without any tools by just turning the lever of the leg support

The locking mechanism Klick-Klack is integrated in the tongue profiles. It allows quick and easy connection of the platforms with just one move of the lever. There are no trip hazards to be taken care of.

perfectly suitable for indoor and short-term outdoor use. The water- and slip-resistant multiplex plywood panels and corrosion protected system parts ensure longevity.

Easy attachment of rails and add-on constructions such as stairways and galleries. Direct connection to the base construction through the four multifunctional openings in the panels.

Alu base construction up to 200 cm stage height with various options:

  • fix
  • adjustable 
  • telescopic adjustable
  • stepless adjustable with Layher Metric Allround Scaffold Spindle
  • moveable
  • steel base construction up to 300 cm with Layher Metric Allround Scaffold System

nivtec standard platform 200 x 100 with 12 mm multiplex-plywood panel weighs just 33 kg.

nivtec indoor platform 200 x 100 with 9 mm indoor panel weighs only 28 kg.

transport and storage options available for all nivtec products

20,000 pages of structural documenation. The nivtec staging system for has been tested and certified in accordance with the regulations of DIN EN 13814 with load capacity 7,5 KN/sqm. Structural documentation, certificates and more are available. 




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