Stairways / Ramps


STairways and ramps for stages

Our stairways. Your way up.

integrated in the stage

stairways and ramps are set up with the same platform elements as stages

a few parts make a whole

Accessories for the right adaption to your requirements

an eye catcher that brings you to the top

and in conformity with DIN 13814 back to the ground



the right stairways for your event

last step below stage height 

to bridge obstacles

last step on stage height

nivtec 3.1.3 Einhaengetreppe2


In some cases barrier-free entries are needed. If wheelachair or showbike –  many times a stepless entry is crucial to get the star on the stage.


Push-on stairway

Our MVP among the ways up

  • 4 levelling legs +/- 20 cm are mounted in the lowest step
  • all other steps only need 2 levelling legs which are 20 cm longer for each step
  • the steps are connected by two step legs (20 cm) on support bolts
  • leg links connect stairway and stage. In case a leg is not available at the stage, the stage/stairway connection can be achieved by N-F links
  • to maintain the same tread of 35 cm, the last platform is 39 cm wide
nivtec 3.1.3 Einhaengetreppe2


stepless onto the stage

  • Only Accessories: swivel-base plate legs, platform links & wedge for ramp
  • you can use your standard platforms
  • mount swivel-base leg, hook ramp platform on the stage, mount platform link
  • any further platform will be inserted into the previous platform until the end
  • the wedge for ramp will be inserted into the last platform - voilà

Your search for a realiable product has been successful

Do you have any questions concerning the set up of stairways, ramps or any other issue. Please feel free to use the call back service!