nivtec Sicherheitsgelaender

Railing solutions for stages, galleries, ramps and stairways

Safety first with nivtec rails

Gapless Set-up

1000 ways to work with nivtec - always possible to set up rails

systematic integration

multifunctional openings in the plaforms provide the joint between base construction. platforms and rails

For in- and outdoor

galvanised, upon request powder coated

Rail types

nivtec Sicherheitsgelaender

Safety rails

Standard dimensions 35, 85, 135 as well as 185 cm fitting to the stage platform dimensions 50, 100, 150 and 200 cm

Height: 100 cm

two horizontal crossbars and one handrail

Height: 110 cm

Childproof due to vertical bars less than 12 cm apart from each other

nivtec Treppengelaender Mitte

Stairway rails

Our stairway rails ensure a safe way up. Choose between modular and one-piece versions.

Starting part, middle part(s) and final part – according to the modular principle you can adjust to the local requirements.

For push-on stairways with 3 or 4 steps and stringer stairways you can work also with one-piece stairway rails

nivtec Sondergelaender Viertelkreis R100

Special rails

The art of setting up rails without gaps sometimes requires to grab into the bag of special rail tricks

Rails with vertical bars with and without recess for gallery steps in height: 100 cm and width: 85 cm available

Height: 100 cm, width variable:

50 – 70 cm

75 – 110 cm

100 – 150 cm

Quadrant platforms with radius of 100 cm sometimes also need rails

Height: 100 cm – closes the gap between ramp and stage rails

Stage rails

Standard 100

Our evergreen at 100 cm height

nivtec Sicherheitsgelaender
nivtec Treppengelaender Endstueck auf Stufe

Stairway rail

According to our modular principle – fast and safe

Special rails

gapfree for special needs

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