The versatile staging system from nivtec

nivtec is a producer of stages and galleries for the event industry. Based on the revolutionary groove-tongue-system small constructions up to big event stages can be set-up in no time.

nivtec 1.1 Buehnenpodest Standard - 200 x 100

For 20 years the well-proven solution for stages and galleries

The System

A versatile system which changes the way of stage construction along with many fields of application. Learn more about the system.


Here you find our range of products like platforms, base construction, rails, stairs/ramps, transport material and spare parts

Fields of Application

No matter if for the entertainment sector, corporate events, public areas, or customised to your needs. We will find the right solution


nivtec looks back at 20 years of experience in the event industry.

Get to know the success story of nivtec staging system from the humble beginnings in 1999 until now

Ideal for concerts, theatres and fashion events 


For product presentations, trade fairs and company events 


As speaker stages, broadcasting plateaus or for other public events


nivtec designs and produces tailor-made stages