Things change - the good ones stay


Times change and we go the flow. Besides the optimisation of our range of products and customer service we are putting strong emphasis on the brand “nivtec”. This leads to a change of our logo and brought us BLU- the blue flamingo.



Certainly you heard of flamingos. A distinctive feature of the bird is the fact that they only stand on one leg while sleeping. What seems to be one of the phenomena of wildlife has made us think about parallels between the bird and our staging system.

When setting up a nivtec stage with the proven 4-2-2-1 principle, a majority of the platforms also stands firmly and securly on one leg.



What else do flamingos and nivtec have in common?

Both are:


– gregarious animals – they like to stand interconnected

– a real eye-catcher – the perfect symbiosis of elegance and stability

– to be found in wild life on the same continents*



*In contrast to the flamingo you will find nivtec also in Australia/Oceania


Experience and technical expertise

There is a fine line between old and new. Since 1999 we are on our road to a perfect stage and we follow the policy to offer the fastest, easiest and most effective system as well as the best service.

Our focus here is on long-lasting in-house experience as well as constant exchange with clients, suppliers and testing institutes. The best system is only as good as the added value that its user has from it.

On a daily basis our team aims to comply with customers’ wishes as for instance short-term projects or special constructions. nivtec – as a stage and gallery expert – supports you from the first enquiry over the technical preparation up to the realisation of your event.