Coming soon: The nivtec story

We are still here and doing well, our work and manufacturing continues. to the situation. However, due to the crisis we changed our business hours. We are now available from Monday to Thursday from 8.30 h to 15.00 h as well as upon arrangement beyond these hours at +49 (0)2191 385055 and via mail to 

These times are new and extraordinary. All the more, it is important to encourage yourself and others courage and hope for a fresh start after this crisis. We will soon be publishing our nivtec story with a portfolio of 10 videos about the eventful times since 1999 and the nivtec DNA. 

We started young, inexperienced, without large funds and without strong partners. Additionally our new and completely different staging system had to convince critics and doubters. To the outside we seemed doomed to fail.  However, in times of crises people often develop supernatural strengths and outdo themselves. Following our motto “Don’t give up!” we always came out this first crisis and many later ones with renewed strength. 

Always keep in mind: When thrust out of our usual way, people sometimes assume everything is lost. But actually, something new is starting! 

We wish everyone lots of strength, patience and health.

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